Wed, October 4, 2023

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT

Millsaps College

1701 N State St | Murrah Hall, Rm 207
Jackson, MS

Event Duration

6 Hours

$250 (Nonprofit)

Wed, October 4, 2023

Leader-Focused Insights into Data Analytics

Big data and analytics are more than technology and require knowledge, skills and abilities with leadership-focused insight!

Business leaders today are tasked with visioning, building, and implementing digital transformation initiatives and are establishing market leadership by mastering digital strategy through a fundamental reorientation around data and analytics. Big data and analytics are more than technology and data science challenges to be tackled by specialists. In the current business climate, engaging analytics is first abut recognizing the right business problem to solve, and then deciding if analytics can contribute to a solution with the application of data science and technology. Organizations face a technology paradigm shift, driven by big data and analytics, requiring knowledge, skills, and abilities to rapidly explore, select, and adopt digital technologies, as well as redefine traditional business models.

This workshop seeks to provide decision-makers with a working knowledge of data science that is grounded in practical application and equipped with leadership-focused insight. The workshop delivers material in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format that will build working knowledge of data science and improve data literacy for leveraging analytics to accelerate growth and increase efficiency and productivity in your organization.

About the Instructor
Craig Orgeron, Ph.D. has extensive information technology experience in both the private sector and the federal and state level of the public sector. Currently, Dr. Orgeron is Professor of Management Information Systems in the Else School of Management at Millsaps College. After beginning his career in the United States Air Force, he served as the Chief Information Officer for the State of Mississippi and President of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). Dr. Orgeron is a graduate of the Harvard University Business Analytics Program (HBAP).

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