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To customize a program for your team or company, please contact Janet Parker, Director, Executive Education by phone at 601.974.1258 or email at janet.parker@millsaps.edu or Steve Pickering, Associate Director, Executive Education by phone at 601.974.1267, or email at steve.pickering@millsaps.edu.


C Spire is committed to our customers and the communities we serve. As part of this commitment, we are focused on developing and unlocking the leadership potential within our company, sharpening our skills by applying the latest scientific and academic research within our own leadership teams. Success for any company is enabled through a collaborative and problem-solving environment with experiential learning and we are working closely in partnership with Millsaps College Executive Education program to achieve our leadership development objectives.

Stephen Bye
Former President and CTO, C Spire

There have been many things I used to stress out about trying to achieve results. I was focusing on the wrong things. This course helped me identify the right areas to focus on and learn you cannot do everything by yourself.  There are times when you just need to delegate, to trust, and still achieve your goals. With that understanding, I’m utilizing my team better, making it a force multiplier. And I credit this course for that.

Chi Chi Chatterjee

The most surprising thing would be the dynamic that’s been created with the professors and my co-workers at C Spire, learning what it takes to be a leader and how to coach people. And, taking a step back and realizing what we’re doing there within the organization, the things that we’re putting in play for all of our employees there at C Spire.

Mary Lauren Boykin
Director, Digital Home, C Spire

I’m a numbers guy, and this program really opened my eyes on how to approach other people, and explain how to utilize numbers to drive decisions.   Being in finance, I use numbers every day, but not everybody’s accustomed to that kind of work flow. Finding ways to translate that knowledge so that others are able to use some of those numbers, and use them in their day-to-day decision-making, helps the entire company.

Drake Cushing
Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, C Spire

One of the things we’re looking to do is to work with different companies and find out what their needs are in regard to executive development: growing their leadership teams, becoming more effective managers, improving their organizational culture, which, in turn, improves the effectiveness of the organization and their productivity. Once we understand what their needs are, together we can and help them design a custom program.

B.G. Allen
Faculty, Executive Education, Millsaps College Else School of Management

When MASS began to explore extensive leadership development opportunities for its membership, it became apparent that Millsaps Else School of Management was on the cutting edge of developing leaders from both the public and private sector. Through our Millsaps-designed mentor / mentee program, MASS has watched new public school superintendents grow in professional confidence. What has been an unsolicited value-added surprise of the program are the servant leadership qualities and opportunities that have evolved with the seasoned mentors.

Phil Burchfield, PhD
Executive Director, MS Association of School Superintendents

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