“Anyone looking to expand their knowledge or their business should attend.” – Past Attendee


Overview of Commercial Real Estate and Capital Markets
Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers presents a broad overview of the current real estate environment. He will also discuss the real estate cycle, offering investment strategies for the various stages of the real estate cycle. Updates on the capital sources available at this stage of the cycle. There will also be some discussion of when is the best time to harvest value through asset sales.



Modern Valuation of Commercial Real Estate
Ryan Robison

This session offers a synopsis of the various valuation techniques used by investors to determine and measure the risk and rewards of the investment.  Robison will offer insights into which techniques work best during differing circumstances and discuss some practical technical aspects of underwriting that can be used to advantage the investor.  The use of Excel and Argus software to value real estate will also be covered.



Investment Practice I: Past Impasse
Starling Cousley

This session, taught by Starling Cousley of Hines Investments, will give participants the tools needed to make practical application of the valuation tools presented in the prior session.  The principle focus will be how to utilize the tools to negotiate and navigate the real estate offering and closing process.  Specific topics include the valuation of leases and their impact on overall valuation and debt as a component of value.



Investment Practice II
Jim Ingram

Jim Ingram offers his considerable expertise on how to find, value and purchase income producing properties. The real estate purchase process from project identification to closing will be explored in great detail with emphasis on current practice. Topics include the offering process, effective Letters of Intent, real estate purchase contracts, and organization of the closing process.



Real Estate Practice
Will Flatt

Will Flatt will cover the various forms of ownership in public and private real estate investments. Students will be able to recognize the pros and cons of each ownership form.



Financing: Equity
Steve Rogers

This session will cover forms of equity ownership and how to raise private equity.  It will explore expected rates of return from the various risk profiles of real estate and how to over common objections.  The concept of risk and reward will be explored from the equity investor’s perspective.  Topics to be discussed include the roles and responsibilities of the general partner and how equity is raised in today’s market.



Financing: Debt
Alan Walters and Harper Keeler

Alan Walters and Harper Keeler discus the sundry types of debt financing and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.  The difference in recourse and non-recourse financing will be discussed, along with investor and bank views of each type of financing.  Participants will learn to use the most commonly used financial techniques used by lenders to underwrite loans, including debt service coverage ratio, loan to value, and debt yield.